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Psychiatric & Mental Hospital

Part 2 Dissertation 2013
Yousif Saeed
University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia
A mental disorder or psychiatric disorder is a psychological pattern. They are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks or perceives. Psychiatric hospitals are hospitals specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorders.

Due to the complexity of life at our present times, there is an increase in the number of mental/ neurological disorders particularly among who are above 65. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is almost a complete absence of mental and psychiatric health care facilities in the public sector. So, from ethical and social commitment's point of view, there is an emergent need to have a facility that would respond to the psychiatric patients' needs and help in healing their mental disorders and improving their health status.

This thesis is based and inspired by the early projects such as the Kirkbride plan, and recent projects such as Helsingor Psychiatric hospital, Denmark. It is driven by the Saudi society's need to such facility. It aims to set the foundations for the creation of architectural spaces that would respond to the patients' needs and work as healing spaces. Therefore, the present student found that the following architectural spaces are needed:
- All types of support services that are needed for psychiatric and mental treatment;
- Adequate number of beds to accommodate patients; and
- All types of facilities that may be needed for such mental and psychiatric hospital.

These spaces should be linked in a way that facilitate the ease of circulation for all types of users including the disabled, meanwhile, this should not breach the Saudi social customs and lifestyle (e.g. privacy, segregation between males and females etc.), and the safety of patients and security of the place with respect with the location of the Isolation / Seclusion spaces and their relation with the rest of the project.

The present student also considers, the necessity of greenery and beautiful landscape scenes so it is suggested that the project location would be on the sea front. Consequently, the green roof concept was utilized. The study took into account the environmental conditions of the Eastern Province in KSA and has attempted to provide proper environmental solutions.

Yousif Saeed

Rafiqul Mohammed Habibull Hussain
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