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Instaculturama or reinvention of the educational environments for a bold childhood

Part 2 Dissertation 2013
Sandra Maria Petrusca
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
Imagination is the common ground for the poetry of space and things. Things that have not been invented yet but are waiting to be unraveled by a curious mind.

Children have the ability to acces pure creativity through their imagination that is beyond the boundaries; the very same boundaries that we, as a society, impose through the standardised educational system.

The general criticism of the vocabulary elements of a temporal moment includes the social, cultural, economic, architectural domain. Or substantively: people, relationships between them, commercial relationships and the space allowing all to exist.

From its point of view, the educational space is of maximum importance, obviously, for the carrying out of an optimum learning process. The children behaviour inside this space is definitory for the development of the cognitive skills thereof, as such, architecture is the one able to translate the behavioural experience into reality.

The built environment is known to be the witness of all changes and transformations whatsoever: social, historical, economic, and cultural. This turmoil is clearly interpreted in architectural representations and resulted spaces, in the functions of and manner the buildings and free spaces are used. The idea of lastingness, endurance of buildings, the fact that they do not destruct quickly, has a word to say as regards the final picture of a temporal interval. The luggage the following generation sets forth, the aggregate which continues to change, are necessary to be better structured and with a decodable logic for it to be interpreted, adapted.

The study proposes an overall image over the prime education of children and their behaviour based on certain determining factors introduced in their education and, based on this image, perspective of a more comprehensible upcoming future: understandable things and spaces that can be apropriated and used as such and a proper living environment in the general way of seing it.

An exhuberant exploratory mission into the subtle connection between architecture and the wide context.

Sandra Maria Petrusca

Dr Ioan Augustin
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