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Juan Amarillo Eco-circuit

Part 2 Dissertation 2013
Humberto Jose Peñuela Vega
Juan David Linares Santana
Pilot University | Colombia
The Urban informality, since it is a Latin American phenomenon of the cities development, it contrasts with the global Urban Sustainability Development Theories where the growth planning and urban expansion and the relationships with the environment, the economic activities and the functional structure, etc., are topics strictly measured and articulated in the generation of urban systems. While the informal development is spontaneous through the self-management with no design and planning parameters, it meets the needs of the population that migrates to the growing cities.

The objective of the document was searching for the articulation of the Urban Sustainability Design and Planning processes in the formulation of integral improvement interventions for the informal settlements by establishing compatibility between the urban informality and the sustainability principles that are involved in the urban development. Therefore the following document is concentrated in the definition of the theoretical and conceptual process, that is considered, it should consider a designer or a planner, of course, an architect for the analysis and understanding of the determinants of the intervention design of the Integral Improvement of Neighbourhoods (Mejoramiento Integral de Barrios) related to the ecological restauration.

Humberto Jose Peñuela Vega
Juan David Linares Santana

Vitelio Garcia
Ivonne Martinez
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