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Abiogenesis - Megastructures of the Future - Salt Crystals as Abiogenic Materials

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Jana Petrovic
University of Belgrade | Serbia
Inspiration for commencing research of salt crystals as an abiogenic material was found in correlation between the “spirit of the place” that the master project examines (Warsaw) and sustainable architecture of the future. Guided by regionalism-based principles in architecture, which are characterised by a link between topography, climate, local materials, traditional local culture and contemporary architecture, a direct connection was formed with all of the above in the research of the crystal structure of salt molecules.

The starting point of the research was found in the former symbol of the Polish industry, the largest and oldest salt mine in Wieliczka. In the search for abiogenic, self-sustaining architecture, salt crystals stood out as a completely organic material, suitable for construction, which has been researched through existing examples in practice.

By analysing the formed molecular structures of salt crystals, specific architectural forms were adopted, namely “modules”, which are directly applied in the forming of megastructures of the future, which is the topic of this master project.

The aim of this research is to find authentic architecture of the future, which is directly connected to the context in which it is located, fulfilling regionalism-oriented provisions in the concept of sustainable architecture.

Jana Petrovic

Budimir Sudimac
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