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Generations of Sexism and the City

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Aisha Holmes
Queen's University Belfast | UK
This dissertation examines the experiences of everyday sexism embedded within cities and their parts through the memories of five generations of women from one family. The dominance of men within the professions of urban design and architecture is a past and present issue that has led to gender bias within the spaces of our cities. The prevalence of gender-based discriminations provoke the shared sense of vulnerability and marginality amongst women in our social interactions in built environments that have been designed for men. By studying several generations of women, the study reveals how these gender biases have evolved and determine how they can be eradicated.

The dissertation is organised around the three themes of, Technology, Living and Safety in order to chart their influence on women’s lives within cities. Society has become disturbingly subservient to technology and it is evident that the solutions to the issues addressed within this research will rely on technological advancements. These innovations may offer a temporary solution, however, we must confront the prejudices ingrained within the built environment to ensure their elimination for the future generations of women.

Aisha Holmes

Greg Keeffe
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