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Architecture of Music: A Study on Music as a Generator for Architectural Form

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Chalni Vithanage
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
Music is an art which is very emotive; one that can move people. Similarly, certain architectural works have the power to move people as well. This ability is not limited to buildings which are documented or acknowledged to be inspired by music. However, it retains a power to move, which is relatively similar to music. Visually, a building generated from music may not be obvious as a building which is influenced from music, instead architecture as a whole becomes a piece of music, that generates feelings, emotions and the unique experience it gives to the occupants.

The analysis that was conducted is not how music has inspired architecture, but how architecture has moved people by using music as a generator of form. Music and architecture both are similarly powerful arts that moves people, although music does it more often than architecture. Music and architecture both share these driving qualities because the underpinning of both is mostly human construct. Both of these arts have common and strong underpinnings, such as the mathematical relationship and the variables of music which becomes a bridge when generating architecture through music and that was explored through this study.

Chalni Vithanage

Ranjith Alahakoon
U. A Buddhinie Kaushalya
Nirosha Llyod
Chaminda Munasinghe
Dimantha Weliange
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