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In Dialogue With Juan Gabriel Vásquez's Work: A Reflection Focus on How Fragmentation Has Had Repercussions in Bogotá's Urban Life

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Yesica Alejandra León Alméciga
Pilot University of Colombia Bogota | Colombia
Fragmentation is the ongoing urban condition that is getting more visibility in contemporary Bogotá, and a condition of Colombian territory from a historical perspective. The fragmentation has taken form in the sprawl of the metropolitan area, and also in the emergence of the gated community as the nowadays dominant typology. Based on the emblematic article The reign of the Urban and the Death of the City, Choay (1994) reveals how artist have fully understood urban phenomena, instead of the role or architects and urbanist who had deal more with “action”. The latter defines a dissertation and a critical project that sets up a dialogue between Bogotá and the literary work of Juan Gabriel Vásquez that deals with the fragmen- tation of the urban life. This critical vision it materializes with a critical project placed on the site of the Palace of Justice, on the most emblematic plaza of the city and country. The project is a garden, a civic counter of the plaza that make a tribute to the geography and unique ecosystems from Los Andes, and also as a memorial. It is architecture that counters the fragmentation of the city and the historical fragmentation of the political history of Colombia.
Yesica Alejandra León Alméciga

German Ramirez Gonzalez
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