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SCIENCE + FICTION - Architecture and Programming Dealing With Fregene

Part 2 Dissertation 2020
Valerie Agnes Rainer
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
This Project focuses on the detachment of our nostalgic impulses because architecture must be able to do more than become the patina of our society. The project questions how we can integrate our society, change our attitude towards our built environment. Ruins are witnesses to our transience, continually demonstrating the power of time over space, everything we have built. They expose us as prisoners of frozen structures. Still, architecture should always be in motion, changing and adapting, moving with times, to be understood correctly, inhabited,to be of importance. I create a contrasting overall picture utilizing a textual collage, which is situated on the line between fact and fiction,combines stories about life with scientific texts, statements, essays. The common anchor is a case study house, which is in a rather ruinous phase of thought and form. The method of drafting quotes and interprets the texts put together, each floor reflects in form/ content the confrontation, engagement with the near, distant built past to translate it into our time in materiality or basic ideas. The place of action is Fregene, a oasis near Rome, where a film school is settled and tries to get the engine of the town running again.
Valerie Agnes Rainer

Urs Egg
Vera Kaps
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