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Reclaiming Playtime

Part 2 Project 2021
Nicholas Honey
Robert Thackeray
Newcastle University | UK
Reclaiming Playtime introduces concepts of play and games into a mixed-use cultural space at the intersection between Edinburgh and Leith, the product of an evolving network of interconnected programmes, facilitated by a method of incremental expansion, consolidation, and shared resources.

Using play as a mode of mapping generates a new dialogue surrounding the complex interrelationships in urban space, uncovering hidden narratives within the Pilrig area. Similarly, introducing play into the production and use of space gives agency to those within the community who have thus far been underrepresented: widening the discourse surrounding future development to provide a counterpoint to that observed historically and at present.

Working together from the start as a joint thesis project, we aimed to produce a system of play that could allow us to both interact with the research and information within Edinburgh. As a result the role of play in our work has developed into a methodology that helps us learn from each other, and from the discussions we have together.

Nicholas Honey
Robert Thackeray

Christos Kakalis
Zeynep Kezer
Ivan Marquez Munoz
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