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The Significance of Sound and Space

Part 2 Dissertation 2021
Lawrence Tang
University of Bath | UK
The cross-disciplinary approach to architecture and music has been a constant throughout the history of architectural discourse. Many different analogies and explorations between the two disciplines have been made in the past, both intellectual and phenomenological.
This research paper investigates the significance of sound and space as architectural medium on impacting the nature of sound exposure on the listener during music performance. This line of enquiry is explored through analysis of multiple case studies of past innovative music venues which sought to enhance the immersive experience of spatial music by challenging the standards of conventional musical spaces. The use of software for acoustic modelling and simulations help to provide a better understanding of sound propagation in these spaces whilst visual and statistical information are used to understand whether the spaces performed in the way the designers’ intended. Ultimately, this paper aims to discover how innovation in the use of sonic and spatial principles in the design of musical spaces may lead to the unique nature of sound exposure intended for the general audience. Therefore, the findings may provide impetus for further exploration in sound and space for designing the musical spaces for the future.

Lawrence Tang

Ricardo Codinhoto
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