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On Neutral Ground

Part 1 Project 2021
Aiden Domican
Architectural Association London | UK
Employing the term cast as an intervention to alter an existing context, the project explores the declining nature of public space within London and questions whether a neutral architecture may counter this and offer a more liberating outcome.

Looking towards underutilized sites across the city, the project focuses on providing a model of public space that can be an incubator for various programmes and celebrates people as it's driving force.

A series of elevated platforms with a number of seemingly banal architectural elements embedded within them reduces public space down to its bare essence. The proposal, therefore, provides a fundamental infrastructure that allows these sites to be celebrated and encourages people to determine their own method of inhabitation.

By reducing architectural form to its minimum, the project rejects the status quo and goes against current forces of densification within London. Instead, the project highlights the power of emptiness in an otherwise over programmed city and provides a framework that can be recontextualized in several different scenarios.

Aiden Domican

Valentin Bontjes van Beek
Winston Hampel
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