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The Institute of Craft Development

Part 1 Project 2021
Abraham Steward
De Montfort University | UK
The Institute of Craft Development is a national project for the continuation and advancement of craft. In our modern world, we are in danger of losing vital skills and values which can only be found in the process of making. The Institute’s role is to support craftspeople by promoting craft to a wider audience: both visitors to the site and the online community connect with craft projects. Although a thriving community of craftspeople exists online, opportunities to physically display their work are limited. Here, the Institute’s national gallery can provide a window into the world of craft. The workshop complex situated alongside the gallery allows craftspeople to further develop their skills and ideas in a community which promotes the interaction of different crafts. The online community engage with the making process via regularly uploaded videos (tutorials, project updates, Q&As and more).

The project refits a series of industrial factory buildings on an urban island site. Interventions seek to improve functionality whilst retaining much of the original character, particularly in terms of footprint and materials. The celebration of craft permeates every aspect of the project’s design.

Abraham Steward

Jee Liu
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