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The Urban Catalyst: Youth Hostel and Recreational Centre

Part 1 Project 2021
Nethmini Warnakulasuriya
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
Amongst Sri Lanka’s vision to success, is the Suburban city of Malabe once dense with wetlands but now rapidly depleting as the cityscape changes. Proposed to become the country’s future Technology and Education hub, Malabe is rapidly changing in terms of Social and Economic aspects. Cities like this require Catalytic developments that aid and allows for a smooth change.

These developments are tailored to a specific environment where they not only enhance the surrounding area but also the Younger generation.

In addition to the existing youth population in the area, there is a no. of migrant young crowds coming from all over the island seeking education and employment. The no. of youth population will soon increase as the no. of developments increase. The youth centre is a good opportunity to set an example to neighbouring structures. It will not only provide acceptable accommodation for the youth but also an environment of learning and change.

The projects looks at Context-based designs and sustainability principles that focus on creating Architecture that builds alongside nature and not against it, and is inclusive of how the Youth will use the spaces to enhance their mind set that would condition them for the Real world.

Nethmini Warnakulasuriya

Nandika Denipitiya
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