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Tate Sheffield

Part 1 Project 2021
Charlie Young
University of Sheffield | UK
By exhibiting the UK’s national public collection of art, the Tate plays a key role in the expression of British identities. It should be its civil duty to make this expression as inclusive of the population - and its many voices - as possible. Yet, an interrogation of the Tate’s archives reveals that many narratives remain buried.

Tate Sheffield paints a more inclusive picture. The accessible gallery provides a permanent home for the newly curated (dis)ABILITY Collection and a research base for the Tate’s (dis)ABILITY Action Network (dAAN), alongside flexible temporary exhibition spaces, community art workshop, garden and cafe; thus representing a historically-suppressed narrative, and creating room for others to be expressed, including those of the surrounding neighbourhood. This embodies a counterpoint to Tate's history and signals a change in its trajectory as a public institution.

Rather than demonstrating a grand architectural idea, Tate Sheffield aims to contribute to societal betterment at a more human level; situating this programme in a neighborhood which bears the scars and stitches of turbulent industry, the architecture became about looking after its occupants, engaging everyday people, offering spaces to sit and contemplate, and making subtle links between the art, the place and its visitors.

Charlie Young

Simon Chadwick
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