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Cypriot Media Centre

Part 1 Project 2021
Julia Wlodarczyk
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
The project responds to the ongoing conflict between Northern and Southern Cyprus, transcending the division through Media Production. The Centre aims to provide a platform which encourages communities’ participation in democracy, engaging users in the understanding of the verification of information, promoting media literacy and the creation of collaborative media for Cyprus.

Considering the impact of the buffer-zone on the morphology of Nicosia|Lefkosa, the Centre occupies derelict land, reinvigorating the liveliness of the surrounding context. The design aims to re-imagine the space as a communal entity for both sides and create a middle ground within the buffer zone, diffusing the competitive symbolic violence between communities, specifically around elevation. The neutral tower symbolises the new independent free media and supports bi-communality through enabling an independent broadcasting of information across Cyprus.

The programme, facilitated by the broadcasting tower, supports existing bi-communal media outlets and emerging independent journalists, media event conferences, independent verification and public participation.

Julia Wlodarczyk

Mellisa Kinnear
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