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Kobaco Center - Health and Wellbeing

Part 1 Project 2021
Karol Mendoza Moya
Valentina Rincon Romero
Pilot University | Colombia
Kobaco center - Health and wellbeing -

“To be an architect, you have two be two things: Optimist and curious” Norman Foster

Bogotá is a multi-faceted city with great historical wealth. In minutes you can go from an area with urban planning in sight to spontaneous growth neighborhoods or concentrated uses sectors as Chapinero.

This project, located in the northeast of the city (Chapinero), was designed as a response to the common need and deficit in recreational areas, where well-being, recreation and inclusion will be promoted for inhabitants and users. In addition, the project was thought to transmit with its image the importance of nature environment.

The formal concept used was the Rubik's cube, in which we tried to reorganized and move game pieces rather than assemble them in order to get an illuminated design using on the upper floors glass window predominates to promote the visuals of the context.

Karol Mendoza Moya
Valentina Rincon Romero

Luisa Fernanda Salazar Castro
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