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Sheffield Gallery of Living History and Art

Part 1 Project 2021
Mariya Nesheva
University of Sheffield | UK
The Gallery of Living History and Art located in the Wicker area of Sheffield is a celebration of the city’s industrial heritage that aims to enrich the local cultural scene whilst attracting a wider range of visitors through the introduction of the existing Drawing Matter Collection.

The project proposes an extension to the existing building of Waverly House connected through the Observation Tower that compliments the surrounding urban landscape and uses the vertical circulation as an exhibition in itself – viewing Sheffield as part of the Gallery exhibits (a living and breathing historical document) through the eyes of the reclaimed glazing from Waverley House.

To fully appreciate Sheffield’s contemporary art scene and contextualise it to the Drawing Matter Collection visitors are taken on a artistic experience that sets the concept of a journey through time. Therefore, three main stages of the exhibition can be identified:
• Sheffield Yesterday – celebrating the Industrial heritage.
• Sheffield Today – drawing connections between local art and the Drawing Matter Collection.
• Sheffield Tomorrow – opportunities for the visitors to inhabit the role of the artists and create pieces that would further enrich the Gallery and thus, enrich Sheffield.

Mariya Nesheva

Ruth Hudson-Silver
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