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The Lenton Community

Part 1 Project 2021
Jennifer Kendall
University of Nottingham | UK
Community is not a place or a building; neither is it a street or centre. In its most fundamental state, the feeling of community comes from shared experiences and a sense of shared history. Members of communities have a sense of trust, belonging and empowerment and as the country faces the loneliness of an epidemic, the effects of which only exaggerated since Covid-19, the loss of connection within our society has never been so apparent.

Set in Lenton, Nottingham, this regeneration project is to create an active neighbourhood to form spaces to give a sense of belonging for the people of Lenton to come together. A development to encompass a new sustainable social housing scheme - on what is currently a brownfield site – and retrofit of an existing, well-loved community centre next door. Through defined interactive wellbeing spaces at every scale, that is achieved by a new public square, inviting threshold spaces, shared gardens, adaptive space design and a public café.

The scheme embraces an existing building, already part of the local community as the project responds to this established centre to strengthen, engagement of new programmes and reflect the desires of local people and their surroundings.

Jennifer Kendall

Mark Alston
Liz Bromley
Nils Jaeger
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