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Cliff Road Apartments

Part 2 Project 2021
Ryder Kirk-Newstead
University of Nottingham | UK
Cliff Road sits at a heterogeneous junction at the periphery of Nottingham’s city centre; an overpass, the Nottingham Contemporary, a 1930’s housing estate, a sandstone cliff and a new college all stand fragmented as the remains of a century-long process of ‘slum clearance’ and de-industrialization. Two new apartment buildings are proposed with live/work apartments and ground floor ateliers, to bring more active occurrences back to the street and to connect the currently disparate 1930’s council houses with the institutional buildings of the new college and Nottingham Contemporary.

These two new figures seek to engage with the various fragmented characters of Cliff Road through a communicative architectural language, which acknowledges both the persistency of tradition unique to human culture, as well as the disruptive, macro-scale insertions of the modern city.

As a continuation of thought regarding language, formulated in 18th-19th century Vienna, which was established by key figures such as Gottfried Semper, Adolf Loos, Karl Kraus and Ludwig Wittgenstein, the project is a proponent for the use of architectural language as a means of simultaneously resolving both formal and cultural issues, through a practice of careful observation and the use of reference.

Ryder Kirk-Newstead

Will Pirkis
Shaun Young
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