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Montages to Configure an Urban Historical Landscape Museum of History and Arts in Tunja

Part 2 Project 2021
Angie Castro Vega
Pilot University | Colombia
This degree work deals with the articulation of contemporary architecture in heritage contexts, due to the lack of useful strategies to compose and operate in historic cities. It is important to contribute to the solution of this problem, since the urban expansion of cities, and their constant spatial transformations have placed the pre-existing and its memory at risk. The city of Tunja represents a historical legacy of Colombia with an extensive heritage, but undervalued, as it was the cradle and platform for the freedom of several countries. Currently it lacks contemporary and innovative proposals to house the memories of its legacy.

Therefore, the objective of this work was to design a contemporary museum of history and art that would articulate a heritage context such as the historic center of Tunja, through the implementation of formal strategies previously identified in paradigmatic projects.

Thus, it is sustained as a design hypothesis that through formal operations from "montage" understood as a cinematographic tool that serves to compose the architectural space, it is possible to articulate the various parts with the whole and configure a historical landscape

Angie Castro Vega

Plutarco Eduardo Rojas Quiñones
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