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The Haunting of Number 12

Part 2 Project 2021
Alec McCulloch
Mark Laverty
Newcastle University | UK
Displaced from our studio space during the Covid-19 lockdown, this project’s site of inquiry is focused on our own Victorian terraced house in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Through a forensic investigation of the interior environment, a Derridean process of haunting is used to excavate hidden narratives within the house. Extractive tools such as Lidar scanning, frottage, and calibrated looking devices were deployed to uncover visual disturbances in the house’s fabric, those emerging gaps and distortions became vessels to hold the complex narratives about the house’s history.

The presentation of this work presents a social history of the tumultuous legacy of the house, brought into focus due to the disturbances created by the Covid-19 pandemic. The processes of haunting employed were used to confront the viewer with the challenges of living and working in this period, and to expose uncertainties about the future through purposely ambiguous architectural drawings. This confrontation with reality was furthered through the performative use of Zoom, where viewers of the work would be funnelled off into breakout rooms to be exposed to parts of the project. Through a hauntological approach, the project aims to offer a reflective position on the last 18months, to explore the difficult realities of displacement in order to reclaim a sense of place.

Alec McCulloch
Mark Laverty

James Craig
Matt Ozga-Lawn
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