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Symbol, Function and Memory in Architectural Composition

Part 2 Project 2021
María González Prada
Pilot University of Colombia Bogota | Colombia
This project deals with the relationship between memory, symbol and function in architectural composition. It is considered that, through narrative structures applied as the backbone of the design conception, a message can be delivered to the viewer and achieve an emotional effect associated with the experience and perception of the sequence of spaces.

Taking into account the above, the proposal focuses on the construction of 3 narrative structures derived from the context of the Colombian armed conflict, to shape the following 3 architectural promenades. The first, called Narrative of Memory, articulates spaces for the construction and exhibition of the collective memory of citizens close to the conflict. The second, the truth narrative, contributes to the search for truth through spaces that contribute to the investigation and preservation of history. The last one, the journey of reconciliation, presents certain spaces for reflection in order to facilitate the mourning process associated with the drama of war.

These three narrative structures made it possible to shape the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Cali, the city that receives the largest number of victims of the armed conflict in southwestern Colombia.

María González Prada

William Blain Lopez
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