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Sustainable Co-living Community Hub at Ohiya, SriLanka

Part 2 Project 2021
Ironi Padmaperuma
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
obvious motive for such a mass emigration into cities is, to avoid being marginalized from the mainstream society due to very poor socio-economic status of estate Tamils in the totem pole. The project is an architectural intervention for socio-economic upliftment of upcountry estate Tamils.

The primary aim of this project is to create a series of sustainable buildings while developing a novel concept to merge the extra bated tea industry with the booming tourism industry while using their own Tamil culture to act as a much needed value addition to upcountry Tamil neighbourhoods.

This sustainable co-living community hub, consists of an abandoned tea factory (over 100 year old), up-cycled into a carefully designed tea manufacturing and promoting unit, a well- proportioned tourism facility centre with 30 chalets and an array of existing ‘line houses’,
which is redesigned and retrofitted with home stay facilities that cater tourism industry.

Ironi Padmaperuma

Jeewanthi Senadheera
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