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Bamboo for the Future. Bamboo Arts in Ramsgate

Part 1 Project 2022
Samuel Crow
University of Kent | UK
A proposed civic centre, entitled Bamboo Arts in Ramsgate, responds to a city deprived of colour and nature. Developed alongside the charity, Arts in Ramsgate, the existing concrete carpark on Leopold Street is reimagined into a sequence of utopian, ‘bamboo spaces’.
The scheme is centred around three themes: ‘Encounter’, ‘Exchange’ and ‘Generate’.

Through curated spaces, developed around the learning of Bamboos’ growth, treatment and workmanship, the new encounter of a diverse community is promoted.

An informed programme enables the exchange of knowledge, of skills, theory, and experience. The exchange of ideas and opinions through architecture is then enabled, while artwork is encouraged to be conducted throughout, upon the façade, floors and through making, freely promoting the illustration of ideas and skills.

With a new infrastructure for bamboo encouraged, the generation of a whole new trade in the UK is constructed. Bamboos’ incredibly fast growth provides the sustainable production of material for almost anything, with the potential to change any industry, beginning in Ramsgate.

The project speculates on the sustainable use of bamboo in the UK, to act as the epicentre for its growth and manufacture, creating a viable infrastructure and newly skilled community.

Samuel Crow

Rebecca Muirhead
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