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Part 1 Project 2022
Colin Michael Nietzer
University of Kent | UK
Plateau: The redevelopment of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour car-park seeks to expand upon the limited public space along the seafront and integrate community growing within Ramsgate’s culture.

The previous monolithic structure is broken down into plazas, courtyards as well as garden patches, and the development forms a strong focus on permeability, transparency and a harmonious integration into the town’s urban fabric. The existing street levels are reconnected through public stairs and newly introduced pedestrian streets lead to a Market promenade with Harbour views.

In contrast to the preceding car-park structure, Plateau seeks to form intimate connections with pedestrians through its human scale design; the ultimate aim being selfless architecture which serves not only those using the civic center for its purpose but establishes itself as public infrastructure accessible by all.

Plateau plays with varying degrees of intimacy, opening itself up towards Ramsgates Royal Harbour yet closing itself at times with courtyards and a new network of streets, giving the sense of a new enclosed ecosystem. The staggered heights of the individual plateaus strive to maximise solar exposure and charm tourists with direct views onto the port.

Colin Michael Nietzer

Ambrose Gillick
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