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The Food Collective

Part 1 Project 2022
Isabel Maria Mora
Rodrigo Rafael Riofrio
Newcastle University | UK
Our objective is to re-invest in Sunderland’s local economy by boosting locally sourced produce and give the community a place to positively engage with food without the growing threat of food chains.

The Food Collective aims to gather local shops and food ventures in Sunderland into a place where food sourcing, consumption and commerce unfold in order to tackle the otherwise complex and expensive systems local shops face today.

The Food Collective follows the ideologies of Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food movement and Carolyn Steel’s concept of a Sitopia.

The Food Collective adopts their belief and acknowledges food as the centre of human and environmental development. It is not about de- growth or about stopping globalization, but about re-thinking the way we are currently treating our primary source of fuel and taking Care of the relationships that come around it.

To fulfil this objective, our focus became retrofitting the Sunderland Civic Centre by analysing the most effective way to adapt and maintain the brutalist building and celebrate its northern heritage. The upcycling of materials was a guiding principle in order to achieve a sustainable design that could be replicated throughout the UK and hopefully around the world.

Isabel Maria Mora
Rodrigo Rafael Riofrio

Stephen Parnell
James Perry
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