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The Temple of New Enlightenment: A Beacon of Nature in the Age of Ecology

Part 2 Project 2022
Margarita Andreeva Andreeva
London South Bank University | UK
The old notion of equality and justice has become obsolete. Humans have reached a stage where almost every ecosystem is in a state of decline. This project inspires a new way of thinking about the restoration of balance between nature and humanity. New social norms demand elevation within society. Climate justice is one such movement pushing to restore equity in modern society, establishing itself as the current "new" social contract.

In the Age of Ecology, the scales of justice have shifted in favour of the power of nature. The New Enlightenment advocates social and climate justice as a belief system. It is the Temple of New Enlightenment that sets the platform for a new way of thinking about the environment. The vision of a second chance is portrayed and physicalised in the hope of putting nature and humanity on equitable terms. The building is a beacon for reconnecting humans to nature - a place for seeding, planting, and growing new ideas that serve both equitably.

Nature-inspired structure, greenery, and temple-like unobstructed spaces, combined with seed vaults, research facilities and mixed reality social areas provide a platform to spread the New Enlightenment and promote environmental justice, balance, and better health and well- being.

Margarita Andreeva Andreeva

Yianna Moustaka
Piotr Smiechowicz
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