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An Ode to Error

Part 1 Project 2023
George Cottrell
University of Nottingham | UK
The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence has caused many to fear the redundancy of humanity in the creative process. Neural networks are approaching a capacity for instant and flawless creations; therefore, we must learn to also celebrate the uniquity inherent to human error. It is within these deviations from the expected that we discover captivating narratives, serendipitous beauty, and the essence of soul. The human experience counterpunches the threat of redundancy with imperfections and unfalsifiable authenticity.

'An Ode to Error' delves into our anxieties about AI by embracing a parallel force: a fictional train crash at Bristol Temple Meads. Utilising the phenomenon of train crash architecture, such as the Montparnasse derailment. The trainwreck becomes a spatial embodiment of human error, enabling an exploration of the dilemma through an architectural intervention, sparking dialogue and a platform for cherishing the scars of human errors alongside AI.

I.K. Brunel was undoubtedly a genius, but as a human, he was flawed. His humanity is manifested in the plethora of errors scattered across the site of Bristol Temple Meads, these undergo an architectural celebration that adapts to embrace a cycle that recognises the inevitably ongoing and beautiful nature of errors.

George Cottrell

Margaret Mulcahy
Mr David Short
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