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City Living Room Belfast: A Home from Home

Part 1 Project 2023
Charlotte Henrich
Queen's University Belfast | UK
Belfast is undergoing radical change. New development plans will overrule current built conditions by focusing on demolition rather than breathing new life into the existing architecture. The tightly programmed new buildings tend to lack the generosity of some of the older buildings, creating opportunities for third places through their loose programming.

With the influx of people in Belfast’s city centre, more student housing, and offices, the longing for a brief private or quiet moment becomes widespread. Thus, space for civic gatherings becomes a necessity – space that can be found through cherishing and adapting existing built heritage.

Questioning the future of the High Street and the right to the city, the City Living Room echoes the vision of a healthy society through place-making where people can decompress, and social interactions are encouraged - to counteract the rising issue of loneliness.

Therefore, the City Living Room proposes to be a civic gesture adapting Bank Square’s prominent former Bank Building to a third place where people can “come home” and establish a feeling of belonging. Responding to ritual studies of everyday life, this project manifests itself to be a celebration of the ordinary - in all its glorious variations.

Charlotte Henrich

Nuala Flood
Fearghal Murray
Rachel O’Grady
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