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Ruin and Rebirth: A Prognostic Conservation Methodology

Part 2 Project 2023
Cory Staton
University of Nottingham | UK
The built Environment is a manifestation of who were are, and the values we embody as a society. Through them, we have the opportunity to experience and visualise history and our predisposition with history as both tangibly and intangibly temporal.

Ruin and Rebirth; A Prognostic Conservation Methodology responds to a Contemporary Societal dogma that has transpired from a post-enlightenment idiom of holding heritage in an idealised state of perpetual stasis. The design response looks to ‘Buildings of Production’ that litter the urban periphery of contemporary cities as an avenue for investigating a novel ‘prognostic’ form of heritage conservation. These abandoned relics, testimonies of a recent past, provide a chance to urge a reflection on new intervention strategies and stand as an occasion to address contemporary urgencies within the architectural sphere.

Adopting Baker’s Quay, Gloucester as a pilot site the approach considers architecture not solely as it exists in the present but also as a resonant element in both the physical history and the broader socio-cultural context of an urban environment. The proposal seeks to establish approaches to material decay that highlight the UK’s migration to net zero construction while concurrently celebrating latent narratives through semiotic tectonic mechanisms that support the continuity between the past, present and future.

Cory Staton

Tim Collett
Nicola Ray
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