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Teapot Factory

Part 2 Project 2023
Emma Hazel Archer
University of Nottingham | UK
This proposal transforms a dilapidated ceramics factory into a new ceramics reprocessing plant, complemented by learning and community resources. By forging a circular narrative, this retrofit project establishes a connection between the rich heritage of ceramic manufacturing in the past and the pressing issue of excessive waste in the present. The renovation process adopts a bold approach, distinctively delineating between the past, the current condition, and the proposed intervention.

The surrounding land is littered with vast amounts of waste, remnants of the historic ceramics manufacturing process, which the Teapot Factory, a pioneering test bed for materials reprocessing, uses as a resource for new industry and education. Exhibitions on-site are designed to inspire ongoing research and development, while new products are manufactured and sold to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer, who can see and experience the entire lifecycle of the products from extraction to end-of-life on the site.

Selective demolition allows the existing buildings to breathe and creates space for new outdoor manufacturing and education activities. New steel bridges and stairs, made from steel reclaimed from nearby collieries, carefully weave private industry and public exhibition together.

Emma Hazel Archer

Graham Mateer
Kate Nicklin
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