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Assembled in Juxtaposition

Part 2 Project 2023
Eleanor McQuaid
Queen's University Belfast | UK
The Reconciliation of Ardglass Harbour Through Techniques of Juxtaposition explores the intricate connections between old and new, monumental and everyday, while respecting the past's less solemn elements. Divided into two parts, the approach begins with ""Inhabiting Permanent and Temporal Thresholds,"" influenced by the site's temporal nature. Through photography, the author documented the location, uncovering its juxtaposed and fragmented characteristics. This process led to lessons in looking, documenting, and placement, exploring how to combine the site's historic features through juxtapositions, giving architecture a dynamic quality.

The second chapter, The Reconciliation of Ardglass, translated research from Semester One and applied it to other areas of the site. Three themes—manoeuvre, poise, and juxtaposition—emerged, focusing on alternative design methods centered around fragmentation and collocation processes. These techniques not only considered practical dimensions but also respected historical dimensions. The lessons learned in both semesters were woven into the existing landscape through a series of stratifications, creating a harmonious and dynamic architectural space.

Eleanor McQuaid

Colm Moore
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