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School of Architecture Extension

Part 1 Project 2003
Joseph Mackey
Mathew Millington
University of Liverpool | UK
In designing an extension to the School of Architecture I wanted to address the issue of what makes an architecture school, in that ultimately it should serve as an educational tool to its inhabitants and the University alike.
After an initial site analysis period I opted to pursue a design that would act as a direct response to the sites context within the University, addressing issues such as the buildings core position on the main pedestrian avenue through the campus, culminating in the facilitation of a campus event space.
A series of seemingly random green spaces where also addressed, the extension itself forming a public green space that would serve as a link that would unify the others in a perpendicular chain to the campus avenue. The strategic position of core functions in pods that populate the new green space also allowed the opportunity for varying levels of mediation with other faculties of the university. The result was to provide an extension that has a multitude of functions therefore justifying its value as a building through the simple process of addressing function and context.

Joseph Mackey
Mathew Millington

Mathew’s proposal involved an overall contextual study of the Liverpool University campus in order to place the extension to the Architecture Department within the current educational setting. His response addressed the series of random green spaces within the campus and attempted to unify them in a similar way to Olmsted who linked Boston’s open spaces thro’ his ‘Emerald Necklace’ Master plan.

The new extension building therefore is separated from the existing school, allowing an existing cluster of trees to be retained, and takes a ‘green’ approach in that the building is partially underground and has a green public space on the roof. A series of open and closed spaces allows a mix of lively and spontaneous student activities to take place and strengthens the Universities main pedestrian artery linking the North and South sides of the campus. As the Arts & Science Faculties are situated either side of the Architecture school it seems a fitting proposal for a design that marries both art and science. This is appropriateness at its best.


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