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Decoding Our Codes Of Conduct- an attempt to ignite a ‘muted talk’ in our daily practices

Part 2 Project 2007
Kalpit Ashar
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute Mumbai India
The thesis deals with the practice of everyday life in which the city denies parts of its own self by the removal of what it sees as its Other. The Laboratory chosen for this experiment is the Red-light precinct of Mumbai where programs with different chemistries are crossbred to form mutations. The Thesis does not intend to build new programs but the act of displacing behavior within our existing programs will lead to the emergence of newer programs. Architecture destabilizes its predetermined codes of meanings and sets up our daily practices in a process where meanings would emerge from practice.
Kalpit Ashar

Thesis at KRVIA is imagined as an important platform of inquiry into systems of architectural production; and experimentation in forms of practice to intervene within these systems. The experience of the city and its spatial systems, understanding and analyzing them is an integral part of this process for many. Kalpit’s thesis managed to develop an original thesis into the nature of the production of meaning in a challenging site that is largely unmapped in the city. His intensive site analysis and inventive representation techniques helped him develop a position where architecture was turned against itself to enable new spatial relationships to emerge.

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