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Dunsink Pleasure Gardens

Part 2 Project 2013
Edwin Jebb
University College Dublin | Ireland
My thesis deals with the latent potential of overlooked and forgotten landscapes.

The approach stemmed from an interest in place, Dunsink. and more specifically the largest landfill site in Dublin; Tiphead, a very public reminder of our ill-considered relationship with waste, and how to better understand the systems that frame this territory to see an old landscape with new eyes, and offer an alternative to the no-mans land at present. This is an investigation of strategic systems, their organization and how they manifest themselves over time, within the landscape locally and nationally.
Its a vision of a ‘parkland’ as an emerging system, sustaining a habitat for animals, birds and insects from the heat package supplied by the dump and reinforced by the re occurring heat program of the building. A multipliable solution to these embarrassing landscapes. It is a multi programmatic use of a single location, an ecological and educational mechanism, the project proposes a new idea of civic space, where the effects of our development are understood.

Amalgamating two mistakes
The project begins before the closure of the dump in 1996. 16 years ago with the Celtic Tiger and large speculative loans and projects, the necessary funding can be attained to realize a building which has little initial civic value other than energy production.

Allowing a structuring framework to be put in place to manage its decommissioning and rejuvenation. Harnessing an unwanted and un-utilized landscape to allow it to emerge as a dancing space, one of spectacle and enjoyment rather than the brown field site that is ubiquitous with landfills.
landfill sites produce a huge amount of landfill gas and heat, both harvestable byproducts of our wastes final resting place. Turning a parasitic building into a delightful one, through a symbiotic relationship with the landscape. Structuring its byproducts for environmental and economic gain.

At a time where populations are bulging, waste is increasing and the common ground is scarce, the Dunsink pleasure gardens offers an attraction within Dublin on an island locked by a rising suburban sea.

Edwin Jebb


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