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Part 1 Project 2020
Katharina Maria Bitschnau
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
The work ""land_made_bridge"" is a ""bridge +"" created by architectural means. The architectural measurements are objects made of steel and concrete - like fragments - which are laid into the scree at the Achfurt. The installation implies the idea of a bridge, while not forming a physical unite. On a closer look and the changing water level, it is striking how these objects guide the course of the river and thus enliven the site. It is a bridge to walk on and one that invites you to linger, but above all, it is a bridge that has to be discovered.

The work held on to the principle of not building a bridge throughout the entire process. Instead, it has become the opposite of a conventional bridge: It eludes construction and derived from the characteristics of the place, it does not form a physical unite, which represents the unique added value of this project.

Developed from the central role of the river, the ""bridge + ""plays out these scenarios and points to the spectacle of nature. The objects are the interplay of constant elements that make change visible through their avoidable immutability.

Katharina Maria Bitschnau


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