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Telok Gong Fish Market: Fish Market and Fishery Tourism Hub

Part 2 Project 2020
Muhamad Fikree Shaharuddin
MARA University of Technology - Puncak Alam campus | Malaysia
The deceased of the fishing industry as a community initiative has been taking place throughout the Port Klang since the Second World War. Export businesses are taking away the process and production from the people’s hands, this event is having a correlating effect on the town of Port Klang, causing community values and fishery traditions to be lost.

This project is an examination of the opportunity to revitalize the old, small scale fisheries industrial community of Teluk Gong, Port Klang that breaks the current detrimental cycle of exportation. The aim of the project was to revitalize the community by providing local fishermen with the facilities to catch, process, and trade their goods, in exchange, reengaging the community with their local traditional fishery.

To achieve this, by designing a fishery complex, with the fish market and eateries as a central anchor point presented both the general public and key business customers under a public space, accommodation for traveling fishermen soaring over the water’s edge, connecting with a public fishing wharf and floating restaurant as part of center piece celebrating the tourist. From this point on, one can encounter being intertwined as part of the traditional process.

Muhamad Fikree Shaharuddin


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