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Approach to the Wayuu Housing: A Sustainable Reinterpretation for La Guajira

Part 1 Project 2020
Adilson Miranda Moncada
National University of Colombia - Manizales campus | Colombia
The design of housing with an emphasis on sustainability is proposed for La Guajira. The research is based on the analysis of different projects proposed for the residential area, ac- cording to different social, economic and comfort problems. Determinants such as topogra- phy, geography, weather and culture are relevant to provide the section prototype, in which flexibility and comfort are paramount. The individual is also a fundamental part of the devel- opment of the project.

At the same time, aspects such as cosmogony and vernacular architecture are present. Cosmogony is part of people’s daily life; their crafts and their way of living are a faithful example of it. Vernacular architecture is in constant decline due to the influence of Westernization throughout the region, some examples are those populations close to the cities.

Finally, the design is the result of different inquiries, surveys and research about the customs, the culture and they life style of the people to whom the project is directed.

Adilson Miranda Moncada


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