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Post Cyclone Portable Relief Shelter, Case Study-Odisha

Part 2 Project 2020
Ipsitaa Das
Manipal University | India
The Indian coastal line is prone to tropical cyclones due to its geographical location and topographical conditions. According to studies, cyclones in the Indian subcontinent occur mostly in the Bay of Bengal due to low pressure, affecting the entire eastern coast of India, especially Odisha - causing severe damage to life and property as well as infrastructure.

Multipurpose cyclone shelters play an important role during such disaster and in parts of the relief procedures. These shelters provide safety to people during the disaster and necessary facilities like shelter, food, first aid box etc. for short term depending upon the severity of the disaster. However, such shelters do not provide the facilities post cyclone, especially when numerous families are without adequate shelter. The aim of this research is to design a deployable modular structure which can be easily erected and dismantled during the requirement like post cyclone to normalize the day to day activity and provides a better life.

Ipsitaa Das


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