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Part 1 Project 2020
Yixuan Chen
University of Nottingham Ningbo | China
This project seeks to provide solutions to preserve human civilization under the threat of sea-level rise. While for some people, global warming seems to be a political acting, and a questionable assertion, the increasing frequency of extreme weather shows that it is not only happening but also accelerating. However, the question is, to what extent can architects do to reverse or respond to the global warming, if not nothing at all?

The main argument of the following project is that, as politicians, scientists, and news reporters tell stories about global warming, architects can also take parts of the storytelling role. To form a narrative of how architecture responds to the sea level rise is to tell the stories about humanity its own. When providing solutions for adapting to the water levels and preserve human knowledge, this project aims to become a thought-provoking device, which can be accessed through various forms – texts, puzzles, comics, and so on.

As the setting is about sea level rise, the design proposal is consequently not fixed – it should be changed with time and therefore becomes timeless, just like the intention of preserving the human civilization – if the doomsday is inevitable, “one must imagine Sisyphus happy”.

Yixuan Chen


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