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Imprisonment & Remedy: Surrender, Conform & Be Cured

Part 2 Project 2020
Hoi Fung Jason Tam
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology | Australia
Humans hurl themselves into the endless political quarrels. Contrived skirmishes, ruthless incarcerations and biased education are the results of disparate social misconceptions and corruptible authority. Inevitably, governmental autocrats realize new totalitarian states, supplanting the petrified by their power and architecture. Buildings are diminished into governing tools as though their exertion of power cultivate loyal subservience. As civilization adapts with the expansion of tasteless infrastructure, the land is claimed and legitimized by the newly supreme-power, as though it will never cease cont or protract its ownership of the domain and its inhabitants. All that can be changed within this governmental system, is the rejuvenation of the infrastructure, followed by the re-establishment of economy, culture and a new threshold of emancipation.

The project revolves around manifold counterfactual realities, that are facilitated by various architectural environments whic interrogate the discrepancy between chance and probability. Ultimately, the amalgamation of the distinct realities sought aft new and unpredictable social occurrences within predictable geographic and programmatic changes. Does hope exist in Architecture beyond the plight of humans?

Architecture is the physical manifestation of the synthesis between two distinct realities. Thus, the project reiterates itself, until we finally discover the best version of the new reality.

Hoi Fung Jason Tam


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