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The Independent State of Cooper Marsh

Part 2 Project 2020
Liam Bacon
Nottingham Trent University | UK
This thesis imagines a 21stC British prohibition, defied by a resistant group of enthusiastic drinkers. Building on the contextual industrial heritage of Nottingham, this group forms a brewing microstate creating a legal drinking site in the UK that promotes health benefits of beer that have been ignored by the British prohibition movement. The nation is formed around three founding principles: the creation, preservation, and consumption of beer. Each principle forming a programmatic response within the state through brewing spaces, a global beer archive and various grand consumption spaces. For example, the central beer hall forms the centre of revelry and consumption in the nation and is surrounded by the brewing halls and process indicating the significance of the brewing process to the nation.

Alongside the programmatic development the material interests draw on the brewing traditions of good natural materials and techniques developed from traditional methods but recontextualised to present day. For example, the primary material interest, brick, has been investigated using contemporary techniques such as post tensioning and the formation and combinations of brick “specials”. The newly formed nation hosts 12 events every year that all contribute an ingredient to the recipes of the next batch of brewing.

Liam Bacon


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