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Eco-Industrial Park for Digital and Information Industry

Part 1 Project 2020
Rayan Zankar
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
"Architecture is the thoughtful making of space"
Louis Kahn

The architecture of a project must translate the designer’s aspiration of passion, optimism and empathy towards human’s needs and desires. Thus, the ecological design of this project aims to minimize the negative environmental impacts by efficient and moderate use of structural materials, energy, agriculture, and development of space.

The surrounding context, views and landscape typology of the site lead to the construction of a visual design using innovative and sustainable approaches to integrate nature with architecture, which produced an aesthetic appeal in the physical environment to draw the users attention, first to the important aspects of the project and to balance between a powerful design and what was expected to be seen in such location.

The design is composed of structural solids, agricultural voids, and levels connected by interior and exterior nodes and connecting elements for the public field. The vertical and horizontal construction of the project was to form a sustainable environment that conserves the natural laws of the eco-system and outlines the panoramic views. This design also includes space planning which enhances the flexibility of the spaces, functions and connections to create a serene and comfortable environment for the users.

Rayan Zankar


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