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Hydroscraper - Water Purification Plant to Regenerate and Recover Urban Wetlands

Part 2 Project 2020
Mitchell Abeyakoon
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
The evolution of the social, industrial, economic and political acts has created conflicts in the social, cultural, religious, environmental, spatial and territorial aspects. The growing urbanization has created a conflict of interest between the natural wetlands present and the urban landscape, resulting in the pollution and depletion of the water and wetlands.

The project based in Colombo- Sri Lanka, addresses the depletion and pollution of wetlands in the area. These wetlands are a key component of urban sustainability and assist in retaining the Ecosystem. In addition to this, they act as a flood retention area. Wastewater that is discharged into wetlands is largely responsible for the 1 .2% annual depletion of these wetlands.

The "HYDROSCRAPER" is a small-scale water purification project that is concentrated on a radius of 2km around the building. The hydroscraper was developed through the concept of a deconstructed factory, where it acts as an anti-factory that produces outputs that minimize the negative impact on the environment.

The project further draws from the severed relationship between humans and the environment due to the over-influence of machinery in most aspects of functionality. Global warming and increased levels of pollution are a growing reason for concern. It is designed to present itself as an aberrant machine that could reunite the humans and environment and in turn reverse the negative impacts on the environment by acting as a catalyst merging the natural and human requirements and hence harmonizing the functioning of both aspects.

Mitchell Abeyakoon


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