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Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery, Melaka

Part 1 Project 2020
Stacey Barratt
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield | UK
Addressing Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Status and the importance of elucidating their rich heritage, Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery aims to create a designated space along a cultural corridor of tourist attractions to exhibit remarkable fine arts originating in Melaka and Malaysia. The gallery encourages congregation between the multicultural population and international tourists in a collective space where they can delve into local heritage, as well as engage in collaborative ceramic workshop sessions. Influenced by their long tradition of decorative arts, particularly ceramics which have developed over centuries, the gallery exhibits a blend of historic and contemporary work, but with a greater emphasis on the latter to modernise Melaka’s touristic offerings. Alternative media such as paintings and sculpture are exhibited too.

The theoretical narrative of the architecture responds thoughtfully to the hot and humid equatorial climate, alongside the existing urban environment. Exemplifying distinct characteristics of traditional terraced housing which outline Melaka’s streets, the architecture successfully develops a sense of rhythm, hierarchy, and depth to break up the restrictively linear spatial organisation. Additionally, quintessential Dutch-styled brick, clay roof tiles, and timber cladding are implemented to reflect the immediate physical context within the design of Koh Ceramics and Art Gallery.

Stacey Barratt

Mr Carl Meddings
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