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Public Market at Avisawella

Part 1 Project 2020
Sangeerthan Ravindran
University of Moratuwa | Sri Lanka
Designing a permeable building to make linkage between urbanscape and marketscape.

Creating public spaces of multicultural arena for people to gather and expanding marketing opportunities in the middle of Colombo, Ratnapura and Up country.

Urban greenery to come out from present problem by Synthetic fertilizers on agricultural lands.

Proposed future linkages and underground parking for the city under the site to avoid parking by roadside near market space.

Another Idea is how we can use the structure of the building and functional elements of building to do a effective and beautiful interior to the building.

So, I used the structure of the building and exposed services to do the interior of the building and use the greenery to separate spaces and to create spaces with respective to different functions.

And in this city, there are Megapolicy proposals by government. So, my idea is to create a skeleton where it can be improved with the future development.

And the chemical effects on vegetables is the present problem. So giving an idea to people about urban farming in market space also functions as an exhibition space for students and public.

Some Modules can be arranged by people themselves for their requirements.

Sangeerthan Ravindran


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