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Heathrow Mycelium Factory Village

Part 2 Project 2021
Shu Chung
University of Westminster | UK
In opposition to Heathrow airport’s proposed third runway expansion this project envisages new sustainable industries for this area instead of the environmental damage that the airport expansion represents at local and global levels.
I chose a site owned by London Concrete and my project imagines it’s conversion into a mycelium building components factory and a DIY housing village within new woodlands next to the M25.
Concrete is a major contributor to the greenhouse gas effect and global warming in general and developing alternatives to this staple of the world’s construction industries is imperative.
My project repurposes the existing factory structures and infrastructural connections as much as possible. The new factory is designed to make new mycelium based building construction components. The design also includes clusters of self-build experimental houses for workers and local people. These clusters will also include small workshops and production plants to enable people to develop new techniques and designs. Thus, the housing is intended as part of the factory’s research and development and as a showcase for the material’s many potential uses. Additionally I imagine planting the area with a forest of trees that particular types of wild fungi (and people) thrive in.

Shu Chung


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