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A Bus Towards Betterment: Fuelling Communities’ Creativity and a Celebration of Diversity

Part 1 Project 2021
George Bamford
University of Kent | UK
For many people who are seeking asylum in the UK, Kent may be seen as a gateway towards a life away from oppression, conflict, religious persecution and humanitarian crises. For some, the risks associated with their route into the UK mean an upsetting and turbulent migration. Now more than ever, it is vital that potentially isolated people are embraced and supported on their transition to living in a new country.

My project principally explores a potential opportunity for young people who are seeking asylum and those granted refugee status in the UK to connect with one another, as well as the wider community through alternative, creative education and the teaching and guidance of local crafts people.

The project has been informed by a prototype mobile workshop which seeks to reach out to people as a means of self-expression. The notion of flexibility which has resulted from the mobility and adaptability of the workshop has therefore informed an informal, flexible and tectonic architecture which acts as a hub for creativity and community. The scheme focuses on both social and environmental sustainability by utilising its design to collect and process water into hydrogen to power a new generation of mobile workshops.

George Bamford


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