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A House for a Beekeeper

Part 2 Project 2021
Barbara Ruech
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
This project is located in Lech, a region of Austria whose landscape is one of the most species-rich plant communities in Central Europe. Tourism in Lech has experienced a strong upswing, which is reflected in a building boom of the hotel industry. Nevertheless, we live on the planet, consuming and taking everything for granted. Remarkably, we often forget that our actions change the landscape. Yet, increasingly we keep exploiting, without giving anything back. Various components influence the future of our surroundings. The bee is one of those underestimated creatures that play a crucial role in our lives. She not only produces honey. She contributes to plant biodiversity, soil fertility, and crop yields.

My childhood was accompanied by keeping bees. To me, it was the most normal thing in the world. But I never dared to ask, why do we keep them? Conversations made me realize that the place Keckbrunnen will be enchanted with an intervention that arose from the site and the understanding of the bee organism. The house for a beekeeper will open its doors to see, listen and smell what story the honey bee has to tell us. Thereby, creating a significant contribution to what is already there.

Barbara Ruech


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