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Film Theatre Deptford

Part 1 Project 2021
Katrin Schneyer
Technical University of Munich | Germany
The Film Theatre Deptford is located on Convoys Wharf along the Thames and parallel to the historic footbridge. The intention of the building is to celebrate the experience of watching film in a spectacular sequence of spaces and to allow the medium of film to be experienced in different ways. In relation to the historic site and its now rough, and somewhat neglected character, which is worth preserving, the building is not intended to make itself too important. The Film Theatre Deptford is largely underground and through paths between the visible volumes and the footbridge, the new becomes entangled with the old.

Before entering the cinema, visitors can take a contemplative walk on the footbridge to mentally engage with the cinema experience. The funnel-shaped staircase, which leads into the Foyer, is designed to literally immerse the visitor in the building. Light reaches exclusively through the glazed front of the funnel. The narrower the space gets, the darker it becomes. It thus creates a transition and prepares the visitor for the black rooms that follow: A video art exhibition, the “Black Samovar bar” under a projection sculpture, the corridor light installation and three cinema halls.

[This entry was produced by the author while studying at Kingston University during the academic year 2020/21 as a recipient of an Erasmus scholarship funded by the European Union.]

Katrin Schneyer


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