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Parasite: The Phenomenology of Ruin

Part 1 Project 2021
Dominik Los
Nottingham Trent University | UK
This proposal is a new civic bath located in Sneinton, Nottingham. The Project is an inquiry into the phenomenology of ruin, where my intent is the formation of an architectural language which holds the potential to create moments of beauty and connection throughout my work with the use of trauma. This is achieved through a theoretical parasite which traverses my scheme, acting as the paths of circulation it morphs the impacted spaces through the introduction of symbolic vulnerabilities. Rips in the walls acting as windows, changes in ground level forming implied seating and ornament which disarticulates basic architectural formations. Moves such as these humanise my architecture and form a personal connection with the visitor through a shared sense of vulnerability and temporality. To form my understanding of this phenomena I explored the imaginary prisons of Giovanni Battista Piranesi as well as the theoretical reconstructions of war-torn cities by Lebbeus Woods. Through t hese precedents, I found the possibility of an architecture which does not adhere to any ideal, but through its tangible language it embraces and reflects temporal qualities shared among all things in nature.
Dominik Los


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